Upload your Profile Picture: The Secret to Meeting More Men Online

Upload your Profile Picture: The Secret to Meeting More Men Online

The most important thing you can do when joining an online dating site is to create a great profile. Your profile will be the first impression a potential date has of you. One of the secrets to a great profile is to upload your profile picture. Your profile pictures can make a real difference when you’re looking for love online.

If a photo is so important, why do some users not have a profile picture?

Some people are extremely conscious about their looks. Some people are not comfortable with their appearance. Some may feel that members of the opposite sex won’t find them attractive. It may be their weight, or their smile or anything that they don’t find beautiful about themselves.

What if I feel embarrassed about my looks? What if I don’t like the way I look right now?

Most people have times when they feel they don’t look their best. But, if you truly feel so embarrassed by your looks that it won’t let you upload your profile picture this is something you need to deal with before trying to seek a relationship. You can’t truly love someone until you love yourself. Learn how to love yourself as you are and for who you are. Raising your self esteem will not only make you feel better about taking your photo, but it will also make you more attractive to men.

Is it safe to post a profile picture online? What if someone steals my picture?

Online predators and scammers are abound on the internet. These people can scam you even if you don’t use a picture. Many of the pictures that are stolen are provocative. If you take a regular set of photos you’re pictures are relatively safe. So feel free to upload your profile picture.

If I want to get the best results what pictures should I put on my dating profile?

To get the most views and responses to your profile you need to post a few pictures: a head shot, a full body shot and a few action shots.

The head shot can be flirty, happy or funny, but it should be a picture of you smiling.

The full body shot is important. Don’t try to hide your weight, you’re date’s going to see you eventually anyway. Put on something flattering and be proud. Remember you’re taking this picture for the man who’s looking for you.

The action shots should be interesting and give your potential date an idea of your personality. Use these pictures to show your interests and passions. If you love animals, take a photo with your pets. If you like sports, take a picture at a game. If you like to garden, take a picture holding the flowers you grew. If you like to travel upload a picture standing in front of a landmark you’ve visited.

A profile picture can get the attention of the men you want to date. If you want to increase your chance of meeting Mr. Right, don’t underestimate the power of a photo, so upload your profile picture to meet the man of your dreams.
So go check out one of the top 10 dating sites, create a profile, post your photo and find the man of your dreams.

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Lynn Watson

Lynn Watson